Friday, March 1, 2013

How we can get involved

The Balagram is run by the benevolence and kindness of many Godly individuals. Any help is most appreciated.

Like the Seminarians, volunteers could come and stay at the Balagram, help with the children, maybe take tuitions, help with the running of the daily chores in the Balagram. It could be a life changing experience for them. Your life experiences and exposure to the outside world could be of benefit to the children to set aim for in their lives. All these maybe arranged by talking to the manager achen.

Spread awareness about the Balagram, come and visit and spread the word about God's work being done here. Plan vacations such that some time can be spent with the children at the Balagram. Simply by connecting your kids with the children here, you maybe opening doors to great opportunities of collaboration between them in the future, long after your time.

Call up and enquire about the Balagram. Establish a personal contact with the inmates and the staff. Your kind and sincere words could go a long way in keeping the workers on the ground motivated and passionate in their mission.