Monday, February 25, 2013

A warm welcome by Peter - Balagram at Itarsi

As my cousin Binoy and I stepped out of the jeep that had brought us to the Balagram in Itarsi, we were greeted by a clean shaven young man. Binoy knew him from previous visits "Peter, kaise ho!" Binoy greeted him.

Peter was very warm and welcoming. He spoke in Hindi, but he could understand Malayalam well, as he was the oldest member of the Balagram. This year he is writing his final year B. Com Examination, which means this year they have a reason for celebration - the Balagram will soon have its first graduate!

Rev. Fr. Raju Vattiyanickal
Peter led us to Fr. Raju Vattiyanickal's room. We were introduced to achen who met us at the reception adjoining his office. Achen later graciously showed us around the place. We listened to conversations as achen gave instructions to Peter in Malayalam who responded back in Hindi and both understood each other pretty well. Language is never a barrier when there is the courage of the will, I thought.

(as written by Mathew Samuel(Sunil) a visitor to the Balagram in January 2013)

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