Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Balagram - farming

wheat crop
The Balagram uses the 2 acre land that it has to cultivate crops that it uses for its sustenance. When we went there they were growing wheat on the farms. After the wheat is harvested, 'cheru payar' (Moong daal) is sown. Achen said they need to do maximum cultivation in the land to meet the needs of the children at the Balagram. When the 'cheru payar' cultivation is done the land is very hot, so they have to supply maximum water to grow the crop. Once the cheru payar is harvested, the land is then sown with soya beans.

vegetable garden

(as written by Mathew Samuel(Sunil) a visitor to the Balagram in January 2013)
stable at the far end
Besides there is a vegetable garden where we have different vegetables grown and used in the Balagram. There is small stable where cattle is raised. Raju achen showed us around the place and gave us a history of the place, how they had lost considerable land to government constructions closeby, how he had pleaded with the authorities to release the land they have currently for the maintenance of the Balagram, how certain good individuals had helped them etc. It all seemed to me to be story of how God was miraculously working out ways for the Balagram to grow and flourish against all odds. Praise and glory always belongs to the Lord!.

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