Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Balagram - the children

happy kids at the Balagram
As we entered the Balagram we saw several kids in the hallway, a few of them in a hurry as they were getting ready for the Holy Qurbana that evening. All had happy faces and greeted us warmly. There is a bell in the front entrance courtyard - achen rang it it and all the kids of the Balagram assembled to meet us.

little Aryan
36 children find their home here. They study in the MGM school run by the Bhilai Mission which is nearby. They had just returned from school and were now getting ready for the prayers in the evening. (Moonu Nombu(three day fast) was getting over that day).

A nice opportunity to interact with them
We had already met Peter, who was in BCom Final year, now we met Aryan, who was the youngest, now in Nursery, along with all the others. All the kids were chirpy and excited to talk to us. We had a chat for a little bit, I asked them if they enjoyed the prayers and they nodded, I asked them if they liked it in English,Hindi or Malayalam, and they were unanimous in their reply - "Malayalam". Perhaps the language has its magic, I thought, as none of them were Malayalees.

These kids would stay in the Balagram throughout the year. They have learnt to participate in the prayers and the life of the staff there and had learnt Malayalam as well along the way.
 In a year for about 10-15 days the children are sent to be with their parents as per Government stipulation. These kids are originally from different places in India.One look at the kids' faces told me, they love this place! And from the conversation with Raju achen I gathered, he loves them like his own. They are a family here.

(as written by Mathew Samuel(Sunil) a visitor to the Balagram in January 2013)

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