Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Balagram - the home

Binoy standing at the entrance.
The main entrance to the Balagram has a coutryard for assembly. Fr. Raju's office and room are on the far right  as we enter on the ground floor. There are different rooms for use for the staff and the children.

There are two guest rooms on the first floor, one of which, achen arranged to open for us while we were there. I also found a few bunk beds of the children in the adjacent rooms.


The dining hall is on the far end on the ground floor. There is very nice chapel on the first floor. The small local congregation in the area come to worship often at the chapel.

In the backyard were the vegetable gardens and the stable for livestock. Surrounding the Balagram was the land used for cultivation.

(as written by Mathew Samuel(Sunil) a visitor to the Balagram in January 2013)

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