Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seminarians come for training

Bro. Vineeth
We met with Brother Vineeth while we were at the Balagram. Bro. Vineeth was a student of the Nagpur Theological Seminary and had come to the Balagram as part of their training. He would stay there for about a month before going back to the Seminary.

When I called up and spoke with Fr. Raju this week (Feb 2013) I was told that Bro. Vineeth had gone back to the Seminary but two more students were expected in the coming month. Achen said that more than any specific training or assistance they would engage in at the Balagram, this was an opportunity for the students to watch the functioning of the Balagram and such institutions at close quarters, (to watch the working of 'faith in action' I thought, from up close) so that later in life they could make a well informed choice if they decide to take up such tasks as part of their ministry. Very apt thinking I thought - and not only for seminarians - this could be very useful experience for us lay people as well.

(as written by Mathew Samuel(Sunil) a visitor to the Balagram in January 2013)

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